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Narratives Of More Than Just A Boot-Camp Encounter.

Ezekiel Ekunola
October 25th, 2018 · 2 min read

Today is the fourth day of the Andela boot camp. It has been challenging, interesting, motivating and I’ve had to unlearn somethings that I thought were right and learned them again the right way.

I’ve learned how to improve my coding skills and below are some of the areas I’ve improved on:

Project management: I’ve learned how to manage, track my projects using a pivotal tracker.

Continuous Integration: I’ve learned how to use continuous integration using Travis, coveralls, and codeclimate.

Test Driven Development: I’ve learned how to write code tests using mocha and chai. Transpiling: I’ve learned how to use babel to transpile my es6 code to es5.

Linting: I’ve learned how to code using Airbnb style guide with eslint …amongst many others.

Aside from writing codes, I have learned some skills and qualities that would be of help in my day to day activities and I would be talking more on them.

Giving and Receiving Feedback


Giving and receiving feedback helps one to improve their job performance.

Giving feedback: I’ve learned to give feedback following the ASK principle which is it has to be Actionable, Specific and Kind.

Receiving feedback: I’ve learned to take feedback as a motivation to improve on my self and my works regardless of the nature of the feedback.



CollaborationTeamwork is one key quality that most organization value and thrive on today. Andela boot camp has made me appreciate such quality. Now I consistently engage and work with others to learn new things and improve.

Asking Questions

asking questions

I’ve learned how to ask questions more now than before I started the Andela boot camp. The usefulness of asking questions, knowing the right questions to ask and knowing what audience to ask questions.



Andela boot camp has taught me that being a world-class developer is not only about knowing how to write codes and as such I am learning how to be a good writer by writing this blog post and others. Feel free to check them out in the links below.

Growth Mindset - The power curve for astute learning

Andela Ethics: An Invaluable Valuable

MOCHA, an amazing Test Driven Development tool I encountered in preparation for Andela boot camp.

You own your Learning


To be a world-class developer means I have to work on myself daily as there are new technologies, ways of going about things and a lot more. As such the responsibility to improve lies in no one hands but mine if I do not want to be left behind.


In few words, during the Andela boot camp I have realized that adding values to myself is not enough, but the quality of values I add matters more (quality in terms of how the value was acquired, and the processes involved) also most importantly is extending/sharing the values with others.

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