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Andela Bootcamp Challenges; how I adapted

Ezekiel Ekunola
October 30th, 2018 · 2 min read

Today is day 2 in week 2 of the Andela boot camp. In my last blog post, I talked about my experience in the Bootcamp and what I have learned during the boot camp, and below I’ll be talking on some of the challenges I’ve faced from the beginning of the boot camp up till now.


One’s view of the world is as detailed as one’s experience. Over two weeks ago, my article writing skill was as low as the grave. Thanks to Andela, but I can say now I’m getting the hang writing professionally. At first, putting words together to express my views seemed so impossible to achieve as I tend to stare at the cursor for hours. In the course of strengthening my skills, I engaged in reading articles about different fields, ranging from Comical down to Technology related. I also put in more time into the writing, I make drafts repeatedly till I am sure it has taken a good shape all thanks to my LFAs for their reviews (Feedback) and contributions. I have come to realize writing articles doesn’t only help express one’s view of the world, it also helps strengthen one’s imaginative skills.

Time Management and Quality Delivery

This was another challenge I faced. It’s one thing to manage one’s time, it’s another to deliver high-quality output. Although I have been under pressure to deliver several applications at specific times and I was able to meet up; however, the quality had not always been something to talk about because all I had always aimed out was just to complete the project, not regarding the fact that there are better ways of implementation. Andela boot camp, however, has changed all that thinking, and I have learned how to develop a professional web application.


I also had some challenges when implementing some code functions which are listed below:


Even though I had worked with relational databases before, for some reason I really had a tough time even getting pg-admin to work on my local machine and implementing Postgres in my web application API, but I learned with the use of articles and video tutorials. Funny to say now, it was quite simple in the end.


I also had challenges implementing some API routes especially when communicating with the database and had to perform operations on the value returned immediately.



The boot camp has made me a better developer without a doubt and has added so much value that would later be of use in the nearest future, qualities like how to manage time, writing professionally, ability to collaborate, asking questions and ability to give and receive feedback.

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